HumidiKit™ – Auto Humidity System for Incubators


  • Automatic and accurate humidity control
  • Programmable digital hygrostat
  • Humidifier delivers instant humidity
  • Provides fresh air for eggs
  • 1 Liter capacity (distilled water recommended)
  • Typically only needs to be filled once a week (tabletop incubators)
  • Easy to install
  • Expandable tubing extends to 30″
  • Compatible with most incubators
  • Two Year IncuCare Warranty

The HumidiKit™ Auto Humidity egg incubator for sale System is a modern and easier solution designed to keep optimal humidity levels within incubators. Primarily utilized in egg incubators for hatching purposes. This system ensures a conducive environment for the development of eggs, promoting successful hatching rates

Key Features:

Automated Humidity Control:

Firstly, the HumidiKit™ egg incubator for sale system is equipped with sensors to monitor humidity levels within the incubator.

Similarly, It features an automated control mechanism. This adjusts humidity levels as needed to meet the specific requirements of different stages of incubation.

User-Friendly Interface:

Secondly, the system comes with an intuitive interface, allowing users to easily set and adjust humidity parameters.

Display panels or digital screens provide real-time information on humidity levels and system status.

Precision and Accuracy:

Again, HumidiKit™ egg incubator for sale incorporates precise humidity control mechanisms to ensure accurate and stable humidity levels. This can hatch several egg breed ranging from African grey parrot eggs, Macaw parrot eggs etc.

This precision is crucial for the success of the incubation process, particularly during critical phases of embryo development.

Safety Features:

Also, the system may include safety features such as alarms or notifications. It alert users in case of extreme humidity conditions or system malfunctions.

Overheating protection and fail-safe mechanisms are available to safeguard the integrity of the incubation process.

Compatibility: HumidiKit™ egg incubator for sale is designed to be compatible with a variety of incubator models, making it a versatile solution for different incubation setups.

Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient components and algorithms help optimize the system’s performance while minimizing power consumption. 

Customization: Users can customize humidity settings to the specific needs of the eggs being incubator, accommodating different species with varying needs.


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