Egg incubator Covatutto 16 L digital Pro


  •  Display with temperature indicator
  •  With motor for automatic turning of the eggs
  •  Suitable for all types of eggs (up to 12 parrot eggs)
  •  Durable and easy to clean
  •  Ideal for beginners

Incubator Covatutto 16 l digital Pro

Our incubator with its clear display offers you a simple Temperature display and setting and practical Reminder functions. To give you the best convenience, it is equipped with an integrated motor that automatically rotates the eggs.

Also, the novel Egg turning system with separators is a highlight. It facilitates the positioning of the eggs and ensures safe storage. Three bulbs inside ensure even heating and thus optimal incubation conditions.

The incubator has an external opening for easy and safe refilling of water. In addition, the lid has an integrated holder for a thermo-hygrometer (please note: thermo-hygrometers are not included).

Our incubator is versatile and suitable for all types of eggs – from chicken eggs to duck eggs and more. You can incubate up to 16 chicken eggs at the same time. The incubator is durable and long lasting, while the design allows for easy cleaning.

The incubator runs on 230 volts and comes in an attractive red color. With a height of 34 cm and a diameter of 31 cm, it has a compact size that still provides ample space.


Display with temperature display and setting as well as reminder functions

integrated motor for automatic egg turning

new egg turner system with separators included

three bulbs ensure even heating

external opening for refilling water

with integrated holder in the lid for thermo-hygrometer (thermo-hygrometer not included)

suitable for all types of eggs

up to 16 chicken eggs

resistant and durable

easy to clean

230 volt operation

Max. Egg output:

Chicken: 16

Goose: 4

Duck: 11

Turkey: 10

Guinea fowl: 18

Pheasant: 19

Partridge: 26

Quail: 42


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